Tarot and Readings

At the moment I am offering the following services:

One question tarot reading for £10 a question by email only.  I use both the tarot and my intuition to guide you as to the best course of action or outcome for a situation by email.  What you do with that information is, of course, entirely up to you but sometimes getting a little more information on the subject can help you to make the decisions that will best serve you or provide you with greater insight or understanding into a situation.

A full psychic reading for £40 by email.  I have been developing/practising in earnest as a psychic/medium for over 17 years now and the readings I give are a combination of psychic and mediumship.  This can include loved ones who have passed over and wish to communicate or it can involve Guides that wish to make themselves known or it can be about your life in general, what is coming up, what has gone on before, what to look out for.  It varies per person and what is given is what is right for you at the time.  I give you only what I pick up or what is given to me at that moment in time.  At the moment I am only doing psychic readings via email.  I do this because I don't want to be swayed by reactions and I have more time to give to the reading.  It is typed via email and usually sent within a week.  You have the opportunity after reading it to send me any questions you have to obtain further clarification.  I sometimes use the tarot and/or oracle cards as well, if necessary.  I will occasionally do one to one readings in person depending on availability but generally most are done via email and it means you have an instant record of everything written down for you.  If you have a specific area or question you want me to focus on then I am happy to go into some depth about that in the reading but need to know at the time of requesting the reading. 

A past life reading for £40 by email only.  As a result of working intuitively all day doing theta healing and psychic readings, i have developed the ability to see people's past lives more and more.  This may be just one past lifetime that comes up or it may be several.  There is a usually a reason it comes up because your higher self or subconscious wants to show it to me usually to bring some knowledge into  your conscious awareness that will benefit you, either through the release of a blockage or a need to become consciously aware of what happened to explain why things are happening the way they are now.  I will need your full name and date of birth to ensure I am tuning into the right person.

Unfortunately, I am obliged to inform you that our legal system here states that I must tell you that these are for entertainment purposes only, they cannot be guaranteed and that you must make up your own mind whether or not to take the advice and guidance provided or not.  At the end of the day, all readings given are given in truth, love and sincerity and always with the best intention and it is your own responsibility what you do with that information.  It is your life and you must always make your own decisions based on what feels right to you intuitively, not what anyone else says.  You are in control of you.  If something does not resonate with you then don't accept it.  Put it "on the shelf" and if you hear it again from someone else then you know that there is something more.