I've never been a huge fan of testimonials because I am not one to "blow my own trumpet" so to speak and let's face it, anyone can write them and pretend they are from clients.  However, over the years I have received a huge amount of positive feedback from the change that has been experienced by my clients and have now decided to add some of them on here which I hope will give encouragement and peace of mind to others considering undergoing a change process with my help.  The testimonials listed below are ALL GENUINE and their names have been added by their agreement or changed or minimised in order to protect my clients' privacy.  I have not included all testimonials received over the years but I have given an assortment below for the various treatments I offer.


"I was recommended to Caroline by a friend, she said that Caroline was very good and accurate. I contacted Caroline who I have never met our conversations were through text initially and then when we had established it was difficult to meet face to face, Caroline offered me an e-mail reading. 

I was initially skeptical as I had never tried this before, but when I started to read what Caroline had picked up about me I was astounded. She was accurate about my work and me looking for another role within the same company, and my current state of mind in relation to my work. Of all the scenarios she could have picked she was absolutely right.

 Also Caroline described my husband to a tee amazing, how could she have known what his characteristics were unless she has an amazing gift and can connect to a higher source. Thank you I would recommend what appears through the written word a lovely gifted lady."

ST, Poole, Email Reading

"I went to see Caroline for Theta Therapy and I was amazed how differently  I felt at the end of our session. Caroline is a gentle and empathetic healer and not only did I enjoy my time with her but felt so light hearted and unburdened when I left. Since my session the positive feelings have continued and I cannot recommend her highly enough.  I know that if I have issues with which I need help in the future, I won't hesitate to go to Caroline again."

FF, Herts - one session of Theta Healing

 "I am extremely grateful for the care and attention that Caroline provided during our Theta Healing session. Caroline quickly found the root causes of my negative thought patterns and worked with me to gently remove them. As a result, my physical and mental health has greatly improved after our session. I no longer feel that I am carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders and have generally felt much more positive and optimistic about the future. The negative thoughts which were dragging me down and sapping my energy have gone and my overall confidence has increased. Before, my low self-esteem led to a lack of engagement with others, but following my time with Caroline, I have found the motivation to become much more sociable."

JC, Lyndhurst, one session of Theta Healing

"I had a short session of Theta Healing with Caroline at a Health Fair recently, and was amazed by the depth of healing that this triggered.  Caroline worked with me on an issue of infected eczema on my legs and helped me to resolve and clear an old fear that I believe was at the root of it.  The amazing thing was that I immediately received confirmation that the issue had cleared by something that I saw in the room – without going into detail, I saw something very symbolic that gave me the confirmation.  In a very short time, I accessed and released some deep emotion.  I found Caroline very intuitive and supportive in facilitating this healing at a deep level.  I also used homoeopathic and allopathic remedies for the issue, and found that these then cleared it completely.  However, I believe that shifting the deeper issue was the key to beginning the healing process. Thank you!"

JM, Bournemouth - Theta Healing - Taster session at a health fair

"Hi Caroline it's [name withheld to protect privacy]...I just wanted to take the opportunity of wishing you a very Happy Christmas and also to let you know that since our work together there has been a dramatic turn of events...truly amazing and I have even sent your link out to my dad in [location withheld] for him to understand the therapy.  I feel so happy and balanced and feel in alignment for the first time in [XX] years!  [Name withheld] has committed himself to me and in really giving us the opportunity of a future together...early days and am for the first time really living in the moment and making the best out of every day rather than the past or the future.  That will take care of itself but it is very real and very deep.  He has had an epiphany moment too and has realised he needs to be true to himself and stop being in denial about us.  Work have also agreed to an out of court settlement so it means I can really push forward with the new business.  i have a massive thanks to you for helping me to believe in myself and for breaking the old patterns and mean this from the bottom of my heart."

[Name withheld to protect privacy by request], Bournemouth

"Caroline!  I feel like I'm walking on a cloud!  Thank you.  I think today cleared some pretty major stuff.  Thanks again..."

CB, New Forest, Theta Healing Session

"Hi Caroline, just wanted to let you know I feel great....;)  I feel like I'm surrounded by love, in  me and around me...it's amazing...;)I have no worries and am more confident that it's going to last...;)so thank you so, so much..."

ZA, Southampton, Theta Healing session

  • "Hi Caroline,

    I am wanted to let you know how I’m getting on since I came to you for THETA healing.
    I am delighted to say I am amazed at the difference in myself since the treatment.

    I had been having sugar crashes for a long time, and it was taking over my life.
    I had to food plan every day, and had the constant worry of having sugar crashes. This would mean either severe irritability or slumping and becoming useless for the rest of the day.

    I went to see the doctors and had a bunch of tests done, but the results came back ‘negative’ on all counts. There apparently was nothing medically wrong. This was really upsetting as I needed to know what was happening. Also I wanted to come and see you with the diagnosis, so that you could help.

    Considering that you didn’t know what the problem was, (because the doctors couldn’t diagnose) you soon got to the root of the problem and quickly started clearing all the negative manifestations that were in my cell’s memory. I was very surprised by how non invasive THETA healing actually was, and how many issues you managed to address and correct in the time we had.

    Although I didn’t really know what THETA healing was, I had had hypnotherapy with you before and that alone, made a huge difference in my life. So I every confidence that you would be able to help me in this instance, and I am so glad I came to see you.

    The difference in me since the treatment has been phenomenal! It is as if a huge burden has been lifted off of my shoulders, and I now have total freedom from this strange thing that kept happening to me. No more panicking about when I'm going to eat next, or thinking ‘oh no’ whenever I start to feel hungry. I am so relieved.

    Thank you so very much for all your help, it to me is invaluable, I have recommended you to a lot of people and I cannot sing your praises enough. Thank you once again, you are an extremely gifted lady!"

    NF, Bournemouth - one session of Theta Healing

    "Hi Caroline, I am feeling really well!  Never feel so happy and so peaceful mind before!"

    AA, Bournemouth - Theta Healing and one hypnosis regression session

    "Forgive me for writing to your business address, but I just wanted to write and thank you again so much for such an inspiring reading yesterday. It was the best I have ever had, not only in terms of being completely accurate to what I know now, but giving me such clear guidance for the next, and very important, episode in life. You gave me the 'big picture' in such a clear way, and it correlated totally with my astrology. Fabulous, and I feel like I'm still flying today! The questions I had come with seemed insignificant by the end, so irrelevant to where I'm headed. I can't thank you enough, and you must offer these sessions to people! I came to you as I respect your work and feel that you're tuned into me (and like you of course!), but it was not a process of evaluation, you were just the only person who came to mind. Strange, but I'm so glad I followed my instinct."

    PG, Lymington, Hampshire, psychic reading

    "Having Theta Healing from Caroline has been truly life changing.  I've been able to move on from destructive patterns that have caused me may problems in my life.  I honestly felt like a different person after just one session. I am so much stronger and calmer now.  Theta Healing is a must for anybody experiencing any difficulty or turmoil in their life, I would recommend it to you all! It's truly a miracle!

    Helen, Southbourne, 3 sessions of theta healing

    "The tears continued to flow until I feel asleep, it felt like the biggest release of deeply suppressed emotions from lifetimes ago.  Dreams were vivid as if many past issues had been finally dealt with and put to sleep forever!  Thank you.  Without your help I would have not been ready for the next exciting step my life will soon take.  With love and gratitude."

    SG Wilts, one session of theta healing

    "Thank you for my Theta Healing yesterday.  I felt really different straight away.  I'm noticing that my thought patterns have changed already.  I feel calm and in control rather than anxious and nervous which is how I felt beforehand.  It's incredible - this should be available on the NHS..."

    HC, Bournemouth - Theta Healing - One Session

    "I have been to see Caroline for several hypnotherapy sessions over the past year and have always found her manner very professional, warm and reassuring.  Six weeks ago, I have my first session of Theta Healing with Caroline and although I hadn't known what to expect I found the session extremely beneficial in helping me to address issues at a much deeper level. 

    Throughout the session of Theta Healing I felt relaxed and comfortable.  Almost immediately I sensed that there had been a positive shift in how I felt about the issues I had been talking about with Caroline. 

    I have had two more sessions of Theta with Caroline since and with each session I can feel my emotional strength returning."

    SB Bournemouth - Theta Healing - 3 sessions

    "I originally approached Caroline for a very specific problem, which she guided me through using sensitivity, directness and at times humour.  The greatest ongoing gift Caroline has given me is the ability  to understand my own behaviours and the way other people react to different situations in life.  Applying this knowledge and self-awareness has enabled me to see life from a very different, more positive and calming perspective.

    Simplistically Caroline has been a great influence in my life, for which I am truly grateful."

    Patrick, Hampshire - counselling - a few sessions  

    "The EFT sessions I have had with you have completely changed my life in such a wonderful and positive way, making me aware of past, negative issues which have affected my entire adult life, which has been a revelation.  With your help, the ability to address these issues has given me confidence about myself making me feel excited about my future.  Thank you for all your help and support."

    Sindy, Bournemouth - low self esteem/worth - EFT sessions

    "I had an amazing past life regression with Caroline.  I knew there were things holding me back in my life, and had a feeling there was something from a past life which may have been the root cause.  My regression took me to a place which showed me the reasons why I was feeling like I was, and explained my fears.  Now that I understand what has caused these fears I can deal with them and life seems to make more sense now.  Thank you Caroline."

    Jackie, Bournemouth - Past Life Regression - one session

    "...thought I'd drop you a line to say a big thank you for what you did for my hubby...[name removed to protect privacy].  Since his hypnotherapy with you he's been a totally different man.  He hasn't touched a drop of drink and found himself again...never thought I'd hear the words "I could murder a cup of tea".  We're back together again and everything is going great, strange, but in a good way."

    Robyn, Southampton - excessive drinking - one session only

    "I have to say that I was a bit skeptical at first of the therapy but it's really worked wonders so I really thank you for all of your efforts in making it happen.  I feel so much more confident now and I even did a few day's teaching experience at a school which I would NEVER have had the guts to do before so you've helped in a huge way and I am very grateful."

    Julie, Southampton - confidence and psoriasis.  Three sessions total.  Psoriasis nearly cleared up.

    "Generally things have been better say 70% I have had a few nights when I have woken up and then had trouble getting back to sleep again, but on the whole there has been a positive result, depending how things go I may need to come back for a top up session for and hour but I seem to be coping so far."

    David, Bournemouth - sleep and stress - one session only.

    "My son Robert came to see you a few months ago with his fear of needles. Thank you for the help you gave him as it helped him greatly as he was rushed into hospital in June. He had to have many blood tests and injections and he was able to very well. He is much better now and his condition is under control at the moment and we are hoping it will stay that way."

    [name protected], New Milton - severe needle phobia - one session only

    “I came to see Caroline about problems I was having with my neck and I wondered if hypnotherapy could help.  She helped me to see the mind/body connection and we discussed ways in which I was creating the problems that were showing physically.  I was a bit sceptical about EFT to start with but went along with what Caroline suggested and I was amazed to discover that we cleared my problem up completely.  Not only is my neck better but in one session Caroline has helped me to see what was creating the problem in the first place although now I have the tools to help me overcome these blockages in future.  Brilliant!  Can’t thank her enough!"

    Dave, Fordingbridge - neck problem - one session of EFT

    "Having been recommended by a friend for weight loss, I found Caroline very friendly, approachable and calming.  Since my visits I have seen my body shape change and my confidence has greatly improved."

    Sarah, Lymington - weight control - three sessions

    "I was feeling depressed and felt I was drinking too much.  With just one session with Caroline I came away with such a wonderful feeling and I know she is just a phone call away if I need help.  All my family have said how nice it is to have me back." 

    Jenny, Lymington - drinking and depressed - one session

    "Reflexology is an incredibly relaxing experience, I use it for Health Maintenance. When I am concerned about any part of my body reflexology always gives me the assurance I am looking for as it treats the whole body; every treatment leaves me feeling totally relaxed.

    Caroline is totally professional in every aspect of her care and treatment, she is a gifted, compassionate practitioner who listens to all my problems and concerns in a sensitive and caring way.  A treatment with Caroline is a complete healing experience."

    Deirdre, Gloucester - reflexology - ongoing sessions (when visits the area)

    "During a particularly challenging and difficult period in my life, I turned to Caroline for help. She gently but expertly helped and guided me through the various issues and difficulties I was facing and encouraged me to see things from a different perspective which led me to a new level of understanding.


    Not only was Caroline very intuitive, she also suggested very practical ways of dealing with my problems. Caroline was very in tune and she provided great insight into my situation without ever being judgemental. Through her insights she helped me to find my inner strength which enabled me to confront and release the things which were stopping me from moving forward.


    In my time of need Caroline provided expert support and guidance. She helped me to get back on track - not only that but on a better track than before. She managed to achieve all this just by telephone sessions.  Thanks to Caroline, I reached a significant turning point in my life and I will be eternally grateful!"


    NA, France - telephone counselling - 2-3 sessions

    "I just had to write and tell you how great I feel after our session on Saturday morning.. I no longer constantly feel Hungary and feel really positive about reaching my ideal weight.

    It's a strange thing to explain but I'm not fighting with myself any more. And I feel like a weight has been lifted from me??"

    Charlotte, Lyndhurst - weight - one session only

    "Thanks so much for yesterday, I very much enjoyed our time together.  Just to let you know that last night a friend brought round some cake (I haven't eaten cake for about 15 years) and although it had no gluten or dairy it did have lots of eggs in it.  I had a small slice and NO ILL EFFECTS AT ALL!!!!!!! How amazing is that! ..."

    PG, New Forest area - severe allergies - one session only