"ThetaHealing® is a meditational process that brings about physical, psychological and spiritual healing with focussed prayer through the Creator," Vianna Stibal, founder of ThetaHealing®.  It has no religious affiliation and is not prejudice to any race, creed or religion.  It can be used for everything and everyone, including animals, plants and non-organic objects.  In a nutshell, it is healing that is done on a psychic level, through the therapist, directly into the client's subconscious without their need to go under hypnosis, and it is one of the most profound and successful healing mechanisms available.  It involves pure quantum mechanics, from a scientific perspective, in that there must be an observation of change in order for it to take place.  It is, without any doubt in my mind, the most effective and rapid healing process I have ever used to clear subconscious blockages.

We all carry within our energy systems beliefs and subconscious behaviour patterns which can either have been created in this life (core), past life (history), ancestrally (genes) or at a soul level.  The beliefs can be held on any of these four levels and it is these beliefs that create our immediate environment and our life as it is today.  The practitioner accesses the theta brainwave - which in spiritual terms is known as the 7th Plane of Existence - the pure Source/Creator energy, to command that changes in beliefs are made in the client.   For the non-spiritually minded, think of it as the practitioner gaining access to your subconscious mind.  Bearing in mind that we are constantly in subconscious communication it is easier to relate to how changes can be made.

The theta brainwave is a very deep state of relaxation often reached in deep meditation.  We naturally go in and out of various brainwave patterns, beta, alpha and theta during the day and theta is akin to a pre-sleep or a trance-like state.  Theta brainwave state is what is attained in deep hypnosis and is what many trance healers and spiritual mediums access in order to bring about powerful healing or communicate spiritual philosophy.  In theta brainwave state we are able to access the subconscious and therefore the Source/Creator energy.  By making the changes required in theta brainwave state, we are able to change the messages that are sent to the DNA and so make powerful thought and therefore chemical changes to the human body and its energy system.

What happens in a session?

The therapist listens to the reasons you have come for therapy first and foremost and then asks your permission to take a look in your body intuitively to find out what your subconscious or body wants/needs from a healing perspective and then conveys this back to you.  Once you have together agreed what needs to be worked on/cleared/changed/taught to the subconscious mind

, the therapist will begin to ask you questions, which is known as "digging", and they are interested in getting to the root cause of the feelings that are causing the underlying belief system without having to drag up all the events that took place to create the belief or blockage in the first place.  During the "digging" process, the therapist will frequently energy test you using your hands (or if treating you remotely, using the self energy testing technique - see bottom of page), to check whether the subconscious is giving a positive or negative confirmation of the beliefs uncovered.  Usually, when a root cause of a belief is found it promotes an emotional or agitated feeling with it and the therapist will intuitively know if it has been reached.

The therapist then takes herself into theta brainwave state and makes the command to the Creator of All That Is/God/Source that the specific belief is transformed into another belief - rather like positive suggestion in hypnosis.  Once this had been communicated, the therapist witnesses the change taking place in the client's body and returns to normal brainwave state and re-energy tests to confirm the changes.  Sometimes beliefs are not changed because there is another aspect that needs addressing and very occasionally a healing does not occur because of some other reason that has not been uncovered which may be preventing the process.  99% of the time, however, the belief is changed and the therapist will continue to make sure as many aspects as possible of the original issue are changed for the client's benefit within the session time.  All these changes are always made with the client's permission at all times so the client is fully aware of what changes are taking place.  Anything they did not agree with could not be changed without their acceptance as they would just be rejected by the subconscious.

Using this technique is far quicker than treating clients with hypnosis or even with E.F.T. because the therapist is using her intuition throughout, confirming it with the client's subconscious mind constantly through energy testing and then the changes are made almost instantly.  Most clients feel a sense of peace, lifting or relaxation as they experience the changes being made and can experience quite profound positive mood changes, depending on the issues being addressed.  Quite often at the end of the session, the client can feel very tired from all the beliefs that have been changed for their highest benefit as the body experiences a significant relief from letting go of all the negative behaviours and emotions.  Theta Healing can also provide an onion like approach in that you clear one layer of blockages or beliefs and another layer is revealed later underneath, depending on the issue concerned.  It can help you to make quite profound changes in your life and clients will notice a very positive difference and change to how they were before the healing.

Each session lasts one hour.  To have longer sessions is not always advisable as the body needs time to recover after letting go of so much.  Many more beliefs can be changed in one session of Theta Healing than they can in several sessions of hypnotherapy and it can provide a fascinating insight as to what has been holding clients back from living their lives how they wish.  Examples uncovered can be why clients never seem to have any money and that can be from carrying a vow of poverty from a previous lifetime, negatives beliefs in your subconscious about money that have been passed in your cells genetically or feelings of unworthiness from this lifetime, perhaps.  The same principal applies to health matters and other life conditions and as you remove these blocks and beliefs you can watch your life transform significantly.

Remote Theta Healing

Because of the nature of this healing mechanism, it can be done just as easily over the phone or on Skype from anywhere in the world.  All you will need to do if you are having it remotely is to learn to test yourself using the self energy test (see link below) as this will be utilised throughout the remote session.

Energy Testing