TARA Health Solutions

TARA Health Solutions is owned and run by me, Caroline Cousins.  I am based in the United Kingdom although work across the world now, providing healing solutions to clients - whether personal or corporate.  TARA Health Solutions is predominantly me, although I do and can provide other healers and consultants from time to time under the same banner - usually for corporate projects.  I can treat people in any country in the world now using Skype or on the telephone.  All you have to do is have a good understanding of the English language.

I have learned that it is customary here to give a story of how I arrived at being a healer, the traumas I went through and how I overcame them and triumphed with the therapies I offer.  That way the potential client buys in to the story, identifies with it and, of course, decides to embark on a course of my services offered here. 

Personally I hate hard-luck stories because you know what?  We all have them!  We all have our personal journeys.  Yes I have suffered many things that I now treat my clients for and I have overcome them all.  How?  Well, initially through sheer determination in the 1980s and 1990s but eventually through using the techniques and therapies I have now learned and combined to offer you one of the most effective energy healing processes that I believe is available.

I can empathise with many people's experiences because I have been through similar myself and that is what has made me a truly effective healer.  I understand first hand, in many cases, the difficulties you have had to encounter and the sheer frustration at battling obstacle after obstacle that seems, at times, never ending.  Countless times I have sat there and asked "when is this ever going to end?" and then watched others that seem to glide through life with successful jobs falling on their laps, having lots of fun and never getting ill playing happy families.

Well, guess what?  The obstacles CAN and WILL be overcome and incredibly quickly and effectively.  Not just mental and emotional challenges but physical ones too!  It CAN be quick, it CAN be done and it is far EASIER that you ever thought possible.  Gone are the days of endless counselling sessions or hypnotherapy courses of treatment that can go into double figures.  What I now know I wish I had known decades ago because I have learned that we have the power to create exactly what we want in life and that what happens in our immediate environment is as a direct result of what is happening in our subconscious mind.  You have more power than you realise!

I've learned the hard way but you don't have to.  You can take the shortcut to achieving the life you want because the techniques now available that I am trained in can give you  a life FREE OF OBSTACLES, HAPPY, SUCCESSFUL, JOYFUL, PEACEFUL and you can experience true CONTENTMENT like you have never experienced before and witness, first hand, the transformation that takes place in your world as a result of clearing out old, unwanted subconscious behaviours, patterns and beliefs which will affect you not only mentally, but emotionally, physically and spiritually.  Read through the pages I have here to find out more and what you are drawn to.  It's your journey, your experience, your choice.  Create the life that you want to create.  It really is in your power.

So, want to know more about my background?  Ok, well briefly, here goes...

TARA Health Solutions was established by me sometime in the early 2000s and prior to that I had a varied career which encompassed surveying in commercial agency in London and human resources management (EMEA).  In recent years I have continued to work as an independent human resources consultant specialising in employee relations and stress management and in 2001 I gained my chartered full membership of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development.  In addition I also successfully completed a Masters Degree in Human Resources Management in 2001 particularly focussing on organisational psychology before moving more into specialising more in the stress management field.

Since those dizzy corporate days I have gained a Diploma in Professional Hypnotherapy (distinction), a Diploma in Smoking Cessation, an Advanced Diploma in Professional Stress Management (distinction), the General Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice issued by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and completed my 150 hour certification training in transpersonal therapeutic processes to become a transpersonal hypnotherapist/NLP practitioner, with internationally renowned and respected Jack Elias, from the American Institute of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy/NLP.  I am also a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and accredited as an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner. 

My first training in complimentary health was in 1996 in central London to become a Reflexologist, whereupon I was a practitioner and full member of the Association of Reflexologists for over 14 years.  I have also completed further training in Past Life Regression, intrusive energies, Tarot, spiritual development and, more recently, I have developed my training in Reiki to become a Reiki Master/Teacher and trained in both basic and advanced Theta Healing (DNA1 and DNA2) and Manifesting and Abundance, which is the healing modality I now use the most - being, in my opinion, the quickest and most effective of them all to clear subconscious blockages combined with my intuitive ability and over 18 years' experience of being a therapist.

In addition to the list of training above, I was Chair of the Association for Transpersonal Hypnotherapy for several years and also have the privilege to be a co-editor of the successful Hypnotherapy Articles website, a full member of the General Hypnotherapy Register and Think (Theta Healing) and abide by their Codes of Ethics at all times. 

I am also a spiritual medium, psychic/intuitive and tarot reader and I have been actively developing/working on and off for about 18 years now although when I look back, I can now recognise my abilities in childhood.  I work in a very spiritual way and highly intuitively, whilst remaining realistic, pragmatic and grounded and remaining true to my training and various Codes of Ethics of the organisations of which I am a member.  I am fully trained and accredited in everything I practice and hold professional indemnity insurance.  I am an experienced healer having treated hundreds of clients over the years and continue to do so and I now teach some of what I do. 

Quite simply, I love what I do.  I have a passion for healing and spiritual philosophy and a love and respect for people, animals and all living and organic things.  It is a privilege to do the work I do and I do it with all my heart.